Know damages, measurement and replacement
cost estimate before anyone touches the roof
What You Will Get
Damage Report:
zoomed-in details of damages
with facet location
Measurement Report:
complete, accurate measurements
of the roof
Claims Report:
itemized repair and replacement
cost supported by
high resolution images
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Central Platform

Roofing Contractors

Roof Inspection

Image Acquisition

Data Collection

Panton Process

Thorough & Real Time Inspection

With drone-acquired imagery, Panton analyzes roof conditions and delivers crystal clear and accurate results. Roofers are much more effective and productive when empowered by Panton. More importantly, roof inspection is no longer a safety-risk. Roof climbing becomes obsolete.


Report Delivery

Panton's unique computer vision algorithms process hundreds of drone images in the cloud. Damages are identified, measurements are produced and drone-enabled inspection reports are generated and delivered promptly.

Professional Drone
Pilot Crews

Panton field operators – drone pilots - undergo extensive training for professional service. Every pilot is licensed by the FAA, covered by insurance companies, certified by Panton and well prepared to perform each inspection request.

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