Pipeline Safety and Control
Relying on walking pipeline ROWs, pilots spotting
encroachments with unaided eyes, and manual processing
of image data: these are things of the past.
What You Will Get
Accurate mapping of
underground pipelines
Real-time quantification of
potential accident risk along
any location of pipeline
Detailed and timely reporting
of any potential product leak
or release
Comprehensive reporting
about the current condition of
your assets
How You Will Get It

Central Platform

Pipeline Companies

Pipeline Inspection
and Safety Control

Image Acquisition

Data Collection

Advantages of Our Service

Map Underground Pipelines

See the unseen in an accurate and fast fashion.

Through advanced analysis of UAV-acquired imagery, Panton can visualize the location of underground pipelines through GPS information or thermographic detection with high accuracy and efficiency. As a result, operators can minimize the risks of damage related to excavation and construction in rights-of-way, can more accurately manage vegetation in the ROW, and can more accurately place pipeline markers.


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Detect Right-of-Way Encroachments

Quantify the risk of accident in any location in real-time.

Panton's unique computer vision algorithms process hundreds of drone images and identify evidence of ROW encroachments, such as disturbance of soil or the presence of trucks, heavy machinery, and construction equipment, in minutes. It identifies regions of interest across hundreds of miles of pipeline ROW and quantifies risk of a potential accident. As a result, operators can quickly determine pipeline risks and respond appropriately.

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Identify Product Leaks
or Releases

Protect the public and the environment with timely reporting.

Using near-infrared technology, Panton's algorithm tracks the vegetation state near the assets over time and immediately detects and reports any unusual changes in the vegetation indices that may indicate oil and gas leaks. As a result, operators can accurately identify and quickly respond to product leaks or releases.

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Detect Above-Ground Asset Corrosion

Simplify asset inspection and maintenance.

Panton's algorithms automate the identification of evidence of corrosion or mechanical damage on above-ground structures in minutes. We classify any detected anomalies by severity and indicate potential recommended actions. As a result, operators quickly receive a detailed report that quantifies the level of corrosion and that supports creating an effective maintenance plan.

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We will streamline your business process to increase your operational efficiency and your margins.

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