Property & Casualty Insurance
Claims and Underwriting Management
Panton’s machine learning technology and platform
have condensed the roof claims process from 3-4 weeks to 1 day.
What You Will Get
3D house model
Damage detection and measurement
Pitch, surface area, and linear measurement
Surface area
Categorized length measurement
Automated claims report
Roof measurement report
How You Will Get It

Data Analytics

Contribute automation
algorithms and platform

Insurance Carriers

Claims & Underwriting

Manage customer relationship

Drone Operators

Data Collection

Contribute drone
operation service

Advantages of Our Service

Reconstruct 3D Model

Generate a 3D reconstruction in minutes

Panton’s enhanced 3D reconstruction technologies automate roof and structure modeling from 2D drone images. Based on millions of data points, our 3D models provide an unparalleled level of detail.

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Calculate Roof Measurements

Achieve 99% Accuracy

Once the 3D model is constructed, we calculate linear and area measurements​ of key features of the roof, including facets, ridges, hips, rakes, valleys, and drip edges. Our measurement algorithms provide accuracy of up to 99%.

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Generate a Roof Measurement Report

Completely automate the process

Panton integrates the measurements into timely, relevant reports. Report creation is completely automated, and results are available within one hour of data being uploaded to the platform.

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Detect and Categorize Damage

Find every detail

Machine learning algorithms detect and categorize hail, wind, mechanical and age- or wear-related damage. The process is automated but also enables user editing through a straightforward interface.

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Generate Claims Report

Enjoy end-to-end service

The platform automates the claims report by importing roof data into industry standard cost estimation software, which dramatically increases the efficiency of reporting.

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We will streamline your business process to increase your operational efficiency and your margins.

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