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Empowered by Cloud and Drone Technology.

Panton empowers and simplfies the tasks of finding leads, inspecting damages, measuring properties, estimating cost, communicating with insurers, ordering materials from distributors, or controlling roof job quality.

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New Construction

Monitor, manage and document.

New construction work flow is monitored, managed and documented with droned imagery and videos.

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Remove the safety issue, quality control issue
and high-cost issue from the property claims process.

By applying advanced image analysis and machine learning algorithms, Panton turns the collection of 2D aerial images into what you need: a damage report, a measurement report, an estimate report - all combining into a full claims report. The entire claims process is streamlined, and most importantly, the bottom line is enriched and the customers are greatly satisfied.

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No more walking pipeline ROWs and naked eye pilot spotting.

  • Minimize risks of excavation and construction related damage in rights-of-ways.
  • Identify ROW encroachments and determine pipeline risks in minutes.
  • Real-time detection and response to product leaks for the entire pipeline.
  • Identify corrosion and damage on above-ground structures in minutes.
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Wind Turbine

Rope-based inspections are a thing of the past!

  • Eliminate the risk of rope-based inspections for inspectors.
  • Identify cosmetic and structural damage of wind turbines in real-time using aerial drone images.
  • Predict power output by combining the location and weather data.
  • Detect potential icing formations to optimize operation and minimize downtime.
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We will streamline your business process to increase your operational efficiency and your margins.

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